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Nirvana was and still being one of the best bands ever. Vivian, 14, Brazil.


Nirvana - Rape Me

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”I’m Jason Everman and I play bass. I’m Matt Cameron I play drums. I’m Chris Cornell I play drums.I’m Kim Thayil and I play drums.”
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♡ Vintage, pizza, butts, and rad shit ♡
50 Shades of Me. DO IT PLEASE
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Mr. Moustache - 1988 Rehearsals.

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"People put too much emphases on scenes, I mean just because there happens to be a town with a few really good bands in it, big deal, it’s happened all over the place. I don’t understand this community patriotism that everyone is boasting about in Seattle." - Kurt Cobain.
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the day kurt was found (april 8,1994)   this was the one and only recognition Aberdeen gave him. asshats

note i said THE DAY kurt was found.
now, there is the statue in kurt’s landing. thanks to the person who started that. the city came along afterward…..and they wouldn’t even make it a “park”…’s a ‘landing”
and the city board refused to change the bridge to kurt cobain bridge.
it’s still  the young street bridge.